SS4 500 Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes
SS4 500 Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes

SS4 500 Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes

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23GSM Spunbound 200 x 250mm antibacterial hand and surface wipes with Alcohol

Tested by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) against H1N1 (Swine flu) an enveloped virus.
The test protocol used by the VLA is based on EN14476
The SS4 wipes contain an active ingredient call Rewocid WK30. This have proven efficacy data to confirm it is effective against the new strain of Corona Virus 2019-nCOV

Liquidate is proven effective against COVID-19

LIQUIDATE ( Powered by Endurocide)  Virucidal: this product has been fully virucidally tested and is classed as being effective against both non-enveloped viruses such as Norovirus and enveloped viruses including Coronavirus. As such, further testing against BCoV is not necessary to validate our virucidal claims.

Kills bacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses and spores

> Tested in accordance with International Standards EN 1276, EN 1650 & EN 13704 and screen tested to EN 14476 (limited spectrum virucidal activity)

Fast acting

> 60 second kill rates against bacteria and fungi

Long lasting activity

> Proven residuality against bacteria for up to 4 hours after application

Dermatologically tested

> Tested and shown to be safe for skin and suitable for repeated use (96 hour skin patch test)

Dries quickly

> With no sticky residue

Alcohol & PHMB free formula

> Non-flammable, fragrance free, safe to use, no special storage requirements and does not contribute to Climate Change

No rinsing required

> Perfect for use any time, anywhere!
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