XL Liquidate SS5/600  –  30% Alcohol Wipes

XL Liquidate SS5/600 – 30% Alcohol Wipes

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Liquidate Alcohol 30% Wipes 

SS5/600 Alcohol  600 XL sheet 200 x 200 Spunbond 23 gsm contains 30% Alcohol  

Please be aware Alcohol Wipes tend to dry out more quickly than Alcohol Free wipes simply due to the fact that Alcohol evaporates.  

To enhance the life and effectiveness of our Alcohol Wipes they are first placed into a biodegradable / recyclable bag and in turn placed into the bucket. We suggest they remain in the bag and the lid on the bucket closed after use. 

Medical Grade

Used in nursing homes, care homes, dental practices as well as healthcare facilities. Also ideal for offices, schools, gymnasiums, retail as well as food preparation areas they come in a handy dispensing tub for fast and efficient cleaning. 

Product Features

600 X Large  pre saturated alcohol disinfectant wet wipes 

  • Ideal for use in high-risk hygiene locations 
  • BS EN 1500 & BS EN 1276  
  • Kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds 
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses from surfaces 
  • Inhibits the spread of infections 
  • Approx sheet size 200mm x 200mm 
  • Non-woven and also non abrasive 
  • Resists tears and also hold their strength 
  • High tear strength even when wet 

Liquidate SS5/600 Disinfectant Wipes Directions & Storage

Open lid and remove wipe. Re-seal lid to keep contents moist.  Wipe surface to remove contamination, allow surfaces to dry before use. Dispose of used wipes in appropriate waste bin, please do not flush them down the toilet. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. 



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