Going back to Work - What Protection Do You Want to See?

By The Hygiene Company | 16 March 2021

With the path to no more restrictions having been laid down by the government a couple of weeks ago now, the UK is now preparing for life post-COVID.

For a lot of businesses all across the country, this means preparing for one of the most difficult tasks of 2021 - opening up the workplaces once more.

An entire workforce will now return to their places of employment with caution, expecting high stands of cleanliness from their workplace and showing increasing awareness of hygiene standards. This presents a challenge for employers - what can they do to not only keep the workplace safe, but reassure staff at the same time?

Cleaning and sanitising Supplies on Standby

Obviously, the first and most pressing matter will be making sure that there are proper cleaning supplies in place and ready to go whenever people return to work. There is a growing level of need for people to have the correct resources to make the right decisions regarding their personal hygiene.

We’re talking, of course, about things like wet wipes and hand sanitiser. These are still key resources for any company to invest in for the return to work because there is no more real truth than the fact that we aren’t done with COVID by a long shot. Even when we go back to work, it will still be around, so safety measures still need to take place.

Monitors - Going Digital

An effective tool for helping to keep people safe, and to reassure staff of the efforts being given, monitors help to provide a real-time schedule of what has been cleaned and when. Something like the Hygiene 360 is a good choice in that regard.

By not only providing people with a log of when areas are being cleaned, the system can use footfall counting to make sure that users know where to focus cleaning efforts based on the traffic in the area.

Ultimately, the key idea here is that of reassurance. People want to know that they’re safe, that their needs are being met. It’s not just enough anymore to say that there is a rigorous cleaning schedule in place. It has to be easily noticeable and accessible by staff. Given how frightening this pandemic has been, reassuring people is so important. A worker who isn’t getting the emotional and mental support they need will be a worker prone to either the development of issues, or a likely candidate to quit. Neither are good outcomes, so protection like this is a must.

Final Thoughts

As the employer, it is up to you to take the correct steps to protect not only the health of your employees, but their mental and emotional well-being at the same time. The psychological effects of the coronavirus can’t be overstated or ignored - we need to do more to safeguard people during this pandemic. Cleaning equipment and monitors help to create an overall picture of hygiene. Less is left to guesswork, and more confidence in the workplace is cultivated. The Hygiene Company have all the products needed in stock and are happy to advise and recommend if this is a new area for the business including monitors which are available for less than the cost a daily Starbucks coffee