Schools infection prevention and control solutions

By Richard Bassett, Former CEO, DfE Advisor and Headteacher

Safety First in Schools

After talking to several CEOs and Headteachers recently it is very apparent that the safety of students, staff and parents is again on their minds, before the Government’s proposed opening of schools in early March.

As a former CEO and Headteacher myself, I can understand their concerns and the massive logistical organisation that is required to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible. That’s why a business like ‘The Hygiene Company’ can help. Based in Essex with over two decades of experience with many major British companies, the Managing Director, Jonathan Bradford, has now turned his attention to supporting schools in their time of need.

‘It is essential that we give as much assistance to schools as possible, as teachers are on the front line, similar to medical staff and the emergency services. The Hygiene Company is here to make it much easier for Headteachers, taking away many of their worries and headaches’.

The highly efficient equipment he provides certainly seems a sensible way for schools to gear up their hygiene control without too much fuss or bother. The very portable Automatic Hand Sanitiser and Wipe Stations are clearly in a different league to the make-shift options certain shops and schools have used in the past and can be placed in classrooms, corridors, labs and staffrooms.

The Stainless-Steel Wipes Dispensers have been developed to sit at entrances, dining halls or major thoroughfares and designed for heavy use. Both these products have the added option of personalised Trust or School logos being fitted, enhancing aesthetics.

“We are more than happy to match any competitive prices and we have the added insurance that the product is available and ready for schools now.’

When speaking to one CEO about the above products, he simply said that The Hygiene Company had provided him with, ‘…a simple but efficient and professional solution; a no brainer!”

Hopefully this brief recommendation will help schools in some small way. These days senior colleagues have enough in their minds and bringing in a professional company with a proven track record seems like a perfect use of resources, especially as the equipment will be necessary for the foreseeable future.

Richard E Bassett
Former CEO, DfE Advisor and Headteacher.