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By The Hygiene Company | 15 March 2021

AS PEOPLE prepare for a return to the workplace, businesses are looking for long term solutions to monitor cleaning compliance. Whatever the size of your business, Grange Technologies has the answer.

hygiene monitors

The company's traditional hygiene monitors play a key role in visible hygiene compliance across a range of industries, and are available as pre-programed, outright purchase units. These are battery powered, thus removing the need for installation works for a power supply. Data download is not available for hygiene monitors, but they act as an important visual display of cleaning compliance.

Hygiene360 Lite

Hygiene360Lite is the latest innovation. An enhanced version of our popular Hygiene Monitor range, Hygiene360Lite is a battery operated, IoT SIM connected device which offers an online data portal and enhanced shift management for more flexible operation. For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can have access to footfall data, customer feedback data and operator performance data with our downloadable reports.


For a complete self-auditing system, Hygiene360 is the answer. With cleaning countdown and associated operator performance data, customer feedback, maintenance and cleanliness issue reporting and optional footfall, this solution offers full circle management.

“Our products offer a highly customisable solution” says Jonathan Bradford, managing director. “We’re here to help customers understand just how they can improve hygiene compliance, gain customer feedback, track footfall and save paper.”