Ten ways to associate your brand with opening safely after lockdown

By The Hygiene Company | 11 March 2021

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Offering an effective Hygiene Policy to the arts and sports venues looking to open could be a brilliant branding opportunity as well as a life saver for some venues.

With survival in the balance for many Theatres, Live Music Venues, Sports Stadiums through to community centres the added expense of an effective Infection Prevention and Control policy is another stressful project and expense.


However you categorise offering a branded hygiene solution to venues, the value is enormous.

For a venue entrance to have free standing units offering anti bacterial wipes that kill and remove 99.99 of germs and a contactless sanitiser dispenser is essential.

There are so many benefits to a brand for offering this essential but low cost benefit

  • Logos and brand names displayed as part of an effective hygiene programme in targeted
  • Increasing visibility for brand in targeted areas
  • Raise awareness and create a preference for your brand
  • Generates goodwill in the location and community
  • Shows association with ensuring Hygiene Policies/A good cause
  • Metrics to give feedback and footfall to evaluate ROI
  • Opportunity to boast about brand offering the facilities to help open venues safely
  • Provide stories for content across social and brand platforms
  • Enhances company reputation in community
  • Ensures venues that opening is so highly anticipated can do so safely

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The arts council guide shows opening requirements in detail. For many venues for whom having to research, implement and pay for a Hygiene Protocol is another headache.

However, this is a fantastic opportunity for a brand or sponsor to get their branding in front of a target audience guaranteed to need to use the product.

The Federation of Small Businesses arehighlighting issues that are being faced with new opening and The Guardian article on What to Expect With Stores Opening has a range of necessities and as with all the essentials include: Hand sanitiser or cleaning stations at store entrances


It's the social and leisure aspects of lockdown that have been most missed and these are the areas which most need support with a hygiene policy as the public are excited to return to their favorite pastimes.

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The Hygiene Company offers a range of wipes, sanitisers, dispensers and monitors which are cost effective and visually appealing with something for every venue which promotes a good policy in place.

Budgets are tight but the right products in place will not cost more than the wrong ones. Contactless sanitizer dispensers are less than the cost of coffee a WEEK and a monitor will not only save time and give valuable insights but costs around £1.80 a day including full realtime reporting.

Cleaning and sanitizing stations become part of the furniture and encourage good hygiene practice and offer a new brand awareness

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