Coronavirus update from
The Hygiene Company March 21st 2020

Please read the update from The Hygiene Company below

Due to the overwhelming number of telephone calls received over recent weeks,
requesting products from The Hygiene Company, we have had no choice other than
to direct all calls to voicemail, enabling us to concentrate on preparing and
dispatching important orders for which we have prioritised supply to existing clients
to help them in the prevention of the spread of this terrible virus.

Our current stock/ product availability is shown on our online sales platform
( and we will keep this updated daily – all
purchase orders must now go through this site. There is a discount code which is
ONLY available to existing/current customers.

Unfortunately, we must emphasise that, at this time, we are only able to supply
existing customers, we cannot supply new customers orders at this time.

As a company our policy has always been to look after our suppliers favourably and
all of which are paid promptly and well within the agreed credit terms. This we
believe helps ensure a mutually beneficial strong trading relationship.

We would please ask that, in the same way, all accounts are paid up-to-date so
that we may continue to ensure that the favours we may call upon from our
, in turn, enables us to keep supplying YOU and your organisation.

Be assured we are here for the long term and we will do everything within our
powers to ensure we provide you with the best possible service we can, both now
and in the months and years ahead.

Email correspondence will be addressed as best we can, although our priority
continues to be maintaining your stock requirements. If we are slow in returning
communications, please understand that our efforts are being prioritised of which
getting supplies out is our highest priority.

Thank you for your understanding, please ensure that your account is kept up-to-
date, stay safe and keep in contact.

Kind regards
Jonathan Bradford

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