SS4 700 Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes

SS4 700 Antibacterial Hand & Surface Wipes

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The SS4/700 can be used in the WIPEPOD either remove directly from the bucket and place the wipes in the WIPEPOD or as we would recommend first place the wipes in the self seal bag in order to prolong the life of the wipes. SS4/700 36GSM Spunlace Blue Diamond.

115mm x 180mm sheet size! 700 sheets per bucket.

Tested by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) against H1N1 (Swine flu) an enveloped virus.

New Coronavirus results for our infection control products

More of our products have now been screen tested and shown to be effective against Coronavirus.

The following infection control products have been independently tested by the Dr Brill & Dr Steinmann Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology in Germany against Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV), the recognised viral surrogate for COVID-19 - and we're pleased to advise they all gained excellent results:

Product Inactivation rate Test time Dilution rate
 >99.99%  30 seconds  N/A
>99.99% 30 seconds 20% (1:19)
>99.99% 30 seconds 1 tablet in 500ml water

To be classed as COVID-19 virucidal the result must be equal to or greater than log 4 (99.99%).

Other products

In respect to our other products' efficacy against COVID-19: 

  • Endurocide Virucidal: this product has been fully virucidally tested and is classed as being effective against both non-enveloped viruses such as Norovirus and enveloped viruses including Coronavirus. As such, further testing against BCoV is not necessary to validate claims of efficacy against COVID-19.
  • Endurocide Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Curtains: the liquid used to treat our curtains has been tested  against enveloped viruses H1N1 Swine Flu and the Measles virus.  It s generally regarded that if a product is effective against one type of enveloped virus, it will also be effective against others - including Coronavirus. As such, further testing against BCoV is not necessary to validate claims of efficacy against COVID-19.
  • Enduro Sanitising Wipes:  Enduro Hand Sanitiser is used to impregnate our Enduro Sanitising Wipes; therefore the >99.99% result for BCoV above also applies to this product.
  • QFD: screen testing against BCoV is currently being carried out and results are expected in around two weeks.

Do please get in touch if you need any further information or explanation of these test reports.

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