How restaurants can re open safely ensuring public hygiene expectations are met 

By The Hygiene Company | 29 March 2021

Effective Infection Prevention and Control display is a reassuring meet and greet for customers venturing out to restaurants after lockdown.

Visiting bars and restaurants will never be the same following Covid 19. Venues that recognise new essentials will innovate and find exciting new ways to meet customers’ needs by activating and showing new cleaning protocols. 

The big learnings for the Covid 19 pandemic were:

The company's traditional hygiene monitors play a key role in visible hygiene compliance across a range of industries, and are available as pre-programed, outright purchase units. These are battery powered, thus removing the need for installation works for a power supply. Data download is not available for hygiene monitors, but they act as an important visual display of cleaning compliance.

  • How germs and viruses can be spread - including using sanitiser that itself may carry infection through packaging - hence contactless / auto dispensers essential 
  • That germs needed to be killed and removed - which is why antibacterial wipes have to be part of a hygiene plan

Display your hygiene protocol:

  • Encouraging good Hygiene Practice for staff and customers
  • Dispensensers throughout building giving easy access to wipes and sanitiser
  • Cleaning stations become visual merchandising
  • Encourage customers to stay longer
  • Making customers feel safe environment

Branding for illustration purposes only

Three months planning to bring customers inside

The opening timelines are confirmed for hospitality  

  • 12 April - Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors - including alcohol; customers can meet in a group of up to six people from different households; a maximum of two households can meet to form a group of any size 
  • 17 May - Hospitality venues can seat customers indoors; parties can be made up of a maximum of six people or two households of any size; groups seated outside must be smaller than 30 people
  • 21 June - All restrictions will be lifted, and nightclubs will be allowed to re-open

21 June is the big day

Make sure your company’s Infection Prevention and Control strategies are essentially a comfort blanket for customers return and encouraging them to stay longer!

Unlike the US where entry hygiene products such as sanitisers and wipes have been customary for many years, this was rarely seen in UK retailers - with the exception of garages and other places where ‘mess cleaning’ was required.

It is now clear in the UK customers really want to take care of themselves and their families, and it is important to message how this is being done when they enter a retailer premises

According to The Hygiene Company, sanitiser alone isn’t enough to keep you safe. Ideally you should be using hand and surface antibacterial wipes made specifically for your hands or your surfaces to kill and REMOVE all germs that could be lying dormant in any germ-breeding space.

Whilst Covid-19 has affected businesses across the world, as we move towards the new ‘normal’ it's clear that Infection Prevention and Control measures are in place for the foreseeable future. 

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Could one of your drinks or other suppliers pay for dispensers?

The first lockdown had so many unknowns that many budgets were increased sometimes without a clear direction.

One area that is a clear breakthrough in new advertising space in a prominent position is branding Hygiene Dispensers. Every outlet needs them. They can be a dirty bottle on a table on entry or an impressive dispenser which can be branded by the retailer - showing they are protecting their customers, or, can be sold as valuable advertising space. 

Long term cost effective solutions

The speed at which the pandemic altered the way we shop and the shortage of hygiene products lead to an influx of substandard products and some unhygienic santising offers.

Showing that you care about your customers and staff is the first step to opening after lockdown, or to reordering for retailers that have been open as essential shops is best achieved by having a clear infection prevention and control strategy in place.

This also helps building loyalty through trust, goodwill and community is essential for retailers looking at the longer-term game.

Still smarting from mandatory lockdown, finances are tight so cost effective hygiene policy is essential. The Hygiene Company contactless dispensers are less than £1 a day and the monitors work out less than the cost of a starbucks coffee a week. All covered by a price promise guarantee. 

Built for Purpose

As the UK leader in antibacterial wipes, The Hygiene Company pioneered the WipePod Surface Dispenser, which has become a standard hygiene measure in many public spaces. It can be wall or surface mounted but also portable.

“We have developed antibacterial wipes which are built from strong materials suitable for the purpose. 99.9999% of all germs are killed thanks to the incredible effectiveness and they won’t damage your equipment either” says Bradford, “Whether it’s in the office, or visiting someone else's, prevention of infection and controlling germs is a must these days, which is why we recommend contactless sanitizer and antibacterial wipe dispensers for all offices.”

The Hygiene Company have been in the hygiene business for two decades now and understand better than most why hygiene should be an ongoing concern.

“The way I see it, it’s up to businesses like us to ensure that we maintain the supply and quality of cross contamination products, but the public need to be aware of this to ensure continued use,” concludes Bradford.

They Hygiene company currently hold stock of antibacterial wipes, sanitiser and dispensers all of which can be customised or branded.