• How to Save Lives: its OFFICIAL Clean Your hands

    Each year the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign by the World Health Organisation aims to emphasise the importance of hand hygiene in health care and to ‘bring people together’ in support of hand hygiene improvement globally - HUG Awareness is higher than ever following the Covid messaging: Clean care for all – it's in your hands
  • How restaurants can re open safely ensuring public hygiene expectations are met

  • Going back to Work - What Protection Do You Want to See?

    With the path to no more restrictions having been laid down by the government a couple of weeks ago now, the UK is now preparing for life post-COVID.

    For a lot of businesses all across the country, this means preparing for one of the most difficult tasks of 2021 - opening up the workplaces once more.

    An entire workforce will now return to their places of employment with caution, expecting high stands of cleanliness from their workplace and showing increasing awareness of hygiene standards. This presents a challenge for employers - what can they do to not only keep the workplace safe, but reassure staff at the same time?
  • The home of hygiene monitoring products

    AS PEOPLE prepare for a return to the workplace, businesses are looking for long term solutions to monitor cleaning compliance. Whatever the size of your business, Grange Technologies has the answer.

    The company's traditional hygiene monitors play a key role in visible hygiene compliance across a range of industries, and are available as pre-programed, outright purchase units. These are battery powered, thus removing the need for installation works for a power supply. Data download is not available for hygiene monitors, but they act as an important visual display of cleaning compliance.

  • Ten ways to associate your brand with opening safely after lockdown

    Offering an effective Hygiene Policy to the arts and sports venues looking to open could be a brilliant branding opportunity as well as a life save for some venues.

    With survival in the balance for many Theatres, Live Music Venues, Sports Stadiums through to community centres the added expense of an effective Hygiene Policy is another stressful project and expense.
  • Is Infection Control Improvement Plan the New Promotional Opportunity for retailers?

    Offering a visible Hygiene Policy in shops and venues is a brilliant branding opportunity as well as showing off your infection control policies keeping staff and customers safe.
  • How retailers increase sales and improve every customer experience after Covid by actually showcasing Hygiene Policy

  • Wet Wipes the best way to kill and REMOVE germs viruses & bacteria

    With a worldwide threat to public health, part of infection control includes the need to kill and remove germs and bacteria from surfaces.

    Antibacterial Wet Wipes are a preferred safe and practical solution in order to ensure effective sanitisation / disinfectant against germs, viruses and bacteria

    Whether in the home, office or at leisure all surfaces and equipment should be wiped to avoid the possibility of harmful germs spreading.

    The Hygiene Company antibacterial wet wipes kill and remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria in seconds essential in the current pandemic but is there still an environmental issue?

    They’re eco-friendly too; and are either 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. So why do you only hear the sensationalised side of the story?
  • Working safely in offices during COVID-19

    n fact, an article published in 2019 before the pandemic posited that Your desk has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat Now with the ongoing threat of viruses like Covid-19, it’s more important than ever to keep your office environment safe hygienically clean – even if you’re just popping in once a week.

    The article found that many of the surfaces in the workplace harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat. Whether you are working at home or going to an office - there is a new hygiene protocol that's essential to follow.
  • Facilities Management tips on how to improve post covid workplace hygiene without spending more

    Following the impact of  Covid 19 on facilities, fast action is necessary much of which will come under the FM roles to ensure the effective Infection Prevention and Control policy for each building.   It is essential to show the front of house and throughout buildings for staff returning to work as well as customers venturing out after lockdown that safety measures are in place.

  • Health and Hygiene in Cars - Through COVID-19 and Beyond

    Not many know that a typical car journey can be a breeding ground for viruses like COVID-19. Even if you’re just popping to the shops with someone, or going for a day out, your vehicle is ground zero for some nasty germs and viruses.

    So how do you prevent that? How do you stop the spread of germs? Well that isn’t too tricky. You go in for a pack of hand and surface antibacterial wipes from the Hygiene Company - built specifically for your hands and your car.
  • Gymsters obsessed with the Wipepod

    As lockdown eases Gymsters around the country can’t wait to get back to the gym but infection control and prevention is expected to be at the heart of any gym business strategy moving forward beyond lockdown restrictions.  

    The Hygiene Company are the UKs leading producer of portable, surface and wall mounted antibacterial hand and surface wipes dispenser - the WIPEPOD.  Availability is proven to increase compliance and the large antibacterial wipes it dispenses are ideal for gyms for not just cleaning but KILLING & REMOVING viruses, germs & bacteria from equipment after use as well as personal use.

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