All wipes are:

  • Either 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable
  • Our packaging is either recyclable and biodegradable
  • All wipes will be tested and approved to ensure they contain no hazardous chemicals, rendering them safe for landfill.

The boxes used to package the wipes will be:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Include a high percentage of recycled materials
  • Flutes – 100% recycled
  • Inner flat paper – 100% recycled
  • Double-wall cartons – 100% recycled
  • The outer craft paper is from an FSC approved source

Championing sustainable products

The Hygiene Company’s efforts to help contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • All new company vehicles purchased are electric
  • All packaging that cannot be recycled is shredded and used in-house for packaging/protection of goods sent out

We are committed to becoming eco-leaders in the wipes industry aiming to always put the environment and our customers first by providing you with environmentally-friendly products at competitive prices.

Environmental Management Policy Statement

The Hygiene Company accepts its responsibilities in environmental matters and recognises that good environmental management should be part of all our activities.

We aim to manage our environmental performance as follows:

  • Meet or exceed all environmental and other legislation that relates to the Company.
  • Minimise waste, including materials, energy and water.
  • Source and promote the use of materials that have the minimum
  • Environmental impact and use recycled materials wherever practical
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and to our customers
  • Involve and educate our employees in our environment
  • Commitment and actions
  • Communicate this policy both internally and externally via our website
  • Honouring this policy will enable us to make meaningful contributions to the quality of the environment

This policy will be reviewed periodically and we will commit to continual improvement through implementation of our environmental action plan.


A massive benefit in using our Wet Wipes Dispensers is that not only are the wipes provided as environmentally friendly as feasibly possible, but given you are simply using refill pouches to replace empty stock you are NOT disposing of empty tubs or empty buckets into landfill.

We are a Hygiene Company and therefore the cleanliness and wellbeing of not just people but the world around us is of utmost importance, We give you the option to make the choice as to which wipe and material used best meets your requirements


  • Recyclable: strong and cost effective
  • Biodegradable: naturally Biodegrades with time
  • Flushable: Hydraspun is Biodegradable and flushable – see the video on our Youtube channel
  • WIPEPOD WIPES – Multipurpose Antibacterial Hand & Surface Sanitising / Disinfectant Wipes Proven effective to Kill & Remove 99.99% Germs & Bacteria
  • Sealed bag refills
  • Buckets
  • With Alcohol or without
  • Flow Wipes


  • Recyclable: Megatex
  • Biodegradable: – 50% Woodpulp 50% Viscose – 100% Biodegradable
  • Biodegradable: – 100% Viscose Spunlace
  • Flushable & Bio-degradable – HYDRASPUN®