The Cleaning Station
The Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station

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The All-In-One Cleaning Station - mobile or static unit, available in Black or Silver, customisation branding options available.  - This offer is for the BLACK unit.

Built in Wet Wipes Dispenser, Antibacterial Hand Gel Dispenser, Waste Bin, storage for additional cleaning products.

Imagine having a system at your workplace where everything you need to clean – including  a range of different types of work surfaces (and to then wash and sanitise your hands) – all secured into one unit.

Custom branding options available - please ask for details

An all new development in the cleaning supply industry, keep all your cleaning supplies and waste management in one place. Meaning your cleaning staff at your business premises can clean work surfaces with spray and wipe, or through using a pre-moistened towel, which they can then simply throw into the waste receptacle built into the Station. These services are kept in one place with the ultimate level of hygiene maintained through our innovative use of cleaning technology.

The Cleaning Station dimensions  47” x 17” x 12”  and weight is 37lbs / 17 Kilos 

With your purchase we will include the first fill of 1,000 large antibacterial Hand & Surface  mulipurpose wipes. The antibacterial 




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