Liquidate Ultra 70% + Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Gel with Aloe Vera - Box of 12 x 800ml

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12-Pack of 800ml Liquidate Ultra Alcohol 70%+ Hand Gel for Brightwell Pouch Dispenser

Introducing the Liquidate Ultra Alcohol Hand Gel 12-Pack - the perfect solution for cleanliness and safety. Each pack contains 12 units of 800ml hand gel, designed to be used with Brightwell pouch dispensers.

With a powerful 70%+ alcohol formula, this hand gel is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% of harmful organisms from your hands. Enriched with Aloe Vera, it not only sanitizes but also nourishes and revitalizes the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed after each use.

Ideal for diverse environments, including food preparation areas, as it is free from fragrances. This hand gel meets British Standards and has undergone rigorous testing to meet the requirements of British Standard tests EN 1276 & EN 1500.

Unlike traditional sanitizers, our hand gel eliminates the need for a separate moisturizer, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and free from irritation. Stay protected and pampered with Liquidate Ultra Alcohol Hand Gel.

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